August 19th. @ Noon EST. Unless the patch posts earlier.  
Join us for coverage of the founding on Teamspeak @:
And our TWITCH will be broadcasting live coverage of the first iteration and feature for Community Warfare. MERC CORP CREATION.
Check out the Piranha Games MWO forums for more info here:
HARD Corp. Gaming will be rewarding founding Mechwarriors with a special introduction to the future of H.A.R.D. Corp. and a permanent HARD Corp. founders membership.
JOIN US AUGUST 19th FOR A SPECIAL EDITION OF "TEST YOUR META"...and a HARD Corp. party all night long!!!
xxxZEDIxxx EXEBOSSSTOSRO There is confirmation of guild stockpiles...merc corps will have ranks, achievements, a bank, etc. I will be posting a ...
alVolVloLy HARDtagTS3tag I've got cbills to burn!!!
Grogyoufong HARDtagGUESTTS3 Please, for the love of all that is.. uhh, lovely, refer to the Delta Raven training protocol. I promise, there is no m...