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There is a new game on Steam in Early Acess. To know more about Squad go to: SQUAD WEBSITE

So a few of us have been playing the new Early Access game "Squad" on Steam. Creating a squad is easy and there is something new to most tactical shooters....POSITIONAL VOICE.  Somewhere between Arma and Battlefield is where Squad begins.  

The maps are quite large, similar to the Battlefield 2 maps. Large, but not so big that you can't get from one side to the other on foot. Currently there are no vehicles in Squad, but the developers have shown a commitment to realism and the model for the future HUMVEE is very nice. 

SQUAD uses the UDK4 engine and is very smooth. No more clunky interface like ARMA. But it also doesn't look like an arcade shooter like COD or BF4. There aren't any purple or gold coated weapons in this game, no zebra camoed missle launchers either. Just a rifle, with or without a scope, or maybe even a medikit or an e-tool. 

So is the e-tool useful? YES!

Squad leaders in SQUAD can issue orders to make defenses, that the soldiers in your squad can build with their e-tools. You can build up the bases that you take in the game. Holding ground feels realistic. And your squad must fight to organize, as most of the players of Squad are already working as teams. 

We hope that all HARD Corp. members get a chance to check out this game. It sells for about $40 bucks on Steam, and is currently in Pre-Alpha access. However it feels very much like a semi-polished beta.  The servers are working and the game has minimal bugs. It is every bit as fun as BF4 and ARMA in their finished forms. 

We will be setting up a forum for SQUAD and you can comment or keep up with our SQUAD coverage here in the next few weeks.  

It looks like SQUAD might be the FPS/Tac that we've been looking for, for a long time.