Our official HARD Corp. ultimate build for 2013 is underway...

All HARD Corp. members....we'd like to see as many as possible show up to the meeting this weekend.  We have many announcements to make. Including some behind the scenes footage and photos of our HARD Corp. Gaming PC.  This flagship PC is being built with the highest quality parts from the some of the best manufacturers in gaming peripherals and hardware; including:


Our concept:

To build an ultimate gaming PC, showcasing our PC component engineering and installation knowledge and skills.  Build a flagship product that could be replicated and/or easily customizable by the end-user, thus requiring minimal case modding.  To select only the top of the line gaming hardware from each manufactuer, showcasing their design, R&D, and game industry support.  The end-user is thus guaranteed that every single component in their PC is built for gaming power.  The build must maintain HARD Corp. standards; each part is thouroughly inspected and reviewed.  The end-user will be given a video/photo presentation from our staff, informing them of our review of each product and why it was selected for their custom built gaming PC.

We are not only building the framework for the best multi-game guild/clan/company; we are progressing into a fully functional design/manufactuering/development gaming company and workshop.

We are going to need members to conduct reviews of games, hardware, etc.  We will be setting up some new forums highlighting our members' rigs and guides and tutorials on how to construct your own gaming rig. 

We are also looking for some web-dev interns and consultants.  HARD Corp. Gaming along with GamersOutpost will be progressing into E-Commerce.  With our own webstore and a completely new website/s.  Members....this will be one of many chances to put your mark on HARD Corp. Gaming, by offering your input.  What is it that you want in a gaming website?  What do you want from a guild? 

All of these questions are going to be asked during the meeting....to the members.  Officers will take notes.  Promotions will be handed out like candy if you're there, and if you can't make it make sure you let someone know, so you're not left out of the promotion fun. 

Games to be discussed:

New Battlefield 4 playtimes - 48/64 man server? - who would like to support or be an exe officer for BF4 team?

Star Citizen: progress of the game and our structure going into Alpha stage testing.

MWO: who's playing and when? Regular times needed so we can organize structured teams. Does anyone have a tactic and 4 guys they would like to be in a selected lance structure.  Let us know.  We are looking at running "Lance Options" more on that in the meeting.  Status of Community Warfare.  And more on the many user-ran leagues, tourneys, and such.

ARMA3- is anyone besides Cynical still playing?  Lets discuss support or non-support for this game, or possible times for attaching to =SEALZ= 100-man events as squads.

Elder Scrolls Online: who are we in ESO? We have a team and we have quite a few people playing the beta.  If playing with HARD Corp. "Royal Security Services" in ESO - you have the option to be a HIGH ELF, a WOOD ELF, or a KAGIIT.  We are aligned with the Aldmeri Dominion.  More on factions here: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Factions_%28Online%29

We will follow this game for the PC, however there is talk that it will also be released on PS4, XBOXone and PC. No word on whether they will integrate the networks or servers.  But it will be a great MMO for HARD Corp. Gaming to get some more core gaming members.  MMO's are usually hit or miss for clans.  This won't be the case with ESO.  It is a fully built and very well done MMO even in its beta form.  I would expect nothing less than a 5-10 year lifespan for this game.  That could build the ranks of HARD Corp. Gaming for some time.

Now get out there and game HARD! 

xxxZEDIxxx EXEBOSSSTOSRO Check the gallery. I also have a link to share the entire project. Should be up in a week or so.
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