Well, HARD Corp. mechwarriors, tomorrow is the big day. 

HARD Corp. members Omnicide Perez, Bishop Steiner, and Conoger will be at the release party in San Fran.  Omnicide will be joining 3 other mechwarrior pilots, as he Captains the HUNTER team to victory in the MWO release tourney!

Thank you to everyone who bought Logo T-shirts to help support Omni, the HUNTER team, Bishop and Conoger on their heroic, epic journey into the dangerous depths of danger and destruction, as they brave the perilous streets of San Francisco.....to represent HARD Corp. and our unwavering commitment to support the games we play.  Even if that means we have to go to San Francisco to do it.

Have fun fellers....and good luck OMNI!

Stay tuned to our twitch.tv broadcast tomorrow during launch day!!!


and also at:


for the official PGI coverage.  A big day for this game title. Lets show our support for one of the games that helped us start it all. 

Holleywood EXEBOSSSTOSRO hope my iOS device works for the twitch feed!!!