The Division - Open Beta

xxxZEDIxxx EXEBOSSSTOSRO posted Feb 18, 16  -  BetaHARD Corp.Open BetaThe Division

We at H.A.R.D. Corp. have been looking at this title from Ubisoft for a while now. Although our initial thoughts on the future of this game looked more ambitious, the game is finally here and it has some great features. A small team based RPG/Action title that has a small amount of skill customization thrown in there.  We'll be testing this game on PC from the 19th through the 21st. This beta has limited features, and excludes the intro to the actual released title. We anticipate that there will be a decent amount of players on the console versions as the 4-man Co-Op games are the trend. Follow up with us next week as we will have a review and a video of our beta coverage. 

Come get tacticool with us....